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When I am convinced and have evidence that the home environment is causing illness or prolonging healing, I recommend Mead Indoor. Their expertise, knowledge and application of building-physics and bau-biologie makes them my top choice.
-Susan Tanner, MD Southern Environmental Medical Center, Atlanta, GA


I’m the original voice of Siri, and basically Bill Meadows and his team at Mead Indoor saved my career!  They completely cleaned the air in our house, so no more allergies for me!  Bill is a perfectionist, and it shows in every way.  He and the rest of the Mead team know what they’re doing, and they do it efficiently and thoroughly.  I highly recommend Mead Indoor, especially for all of you out there who need to breathe!! 🙂
Susan B.



Mead Indoor has helped thousands of ill patients identify and eliminate exposure to dangerous home environments.


Wellness Focus

Your health and continued wellness is our top priority. We begin with your physician’s diagnosis and the symptoms you experience.



Mead Indoor is Atlanta’s only Indoor Environmental Quality provider that can guarantee and maintain Indoor Air Quality up to 85-90% improvement vs outdoors

Our Homes Are Not Necessarily

Numerous areas in our homes can create negative environmental conditions.

The Debilitating Path

Just getting properly diagnosed with Environmental Illness is a long, brutal process. Patients endure numerous Dr. visits and referrals over long periods of suffering. Countless treatments are tried with little relief and side effects…

Indoor Pollution Danger Levels

Report: Center for Disease Control 2014
Infectious Agents 36%
Allergens & Particulates 66%
In Home Toxic Compounds 100%

Mold is Tracked Into Your Home Every Day

Products for Daily Mold Management

For Mold sensitive patients, we recommend the following cleaning products that are made with the same active ingredients Mead Indoor uses to remediate your home. They are all natural, non toxic, and safe for children and pets. You can purchase directly from us or via the web on this site.

The Mead Indoor Pledge

The Mead Indoor Team is personally and passionately committed to the delivery of comprehensive and sustainable indoor environmental solutions that improve lives, wellness, and healing.
Mead Indoor is the only environmental company in the State of Georgia Certified by the International Institute for Bau-Biologie & Ecology.

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Certified Bau-Biologie Environmental Inspectors
Certified IICRC Water Restoration Professionals
Conditioned Air Non Restricted –CN001455
Master Plumbing Non-Restricted-MP007206
Certified Bau-Biologie Practitioners
Electrical Contractor Non-Restricted-EN001769
Member Indoor Air Quality Association
Certified IICRC Microbial Remediation

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