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Experienced & Competent

Mead Indoor Employees are experienced and trained to perform a variety of expert services. We do not utilize subcontractors. In fact, a majority of our employees have been with the company for over a decade. Our operation management staff organizes them into specific expert teams and carefully schedule them to work in specific ordering and in parallel to ensure quick execution of the entire home services required. All of our team members are willing and able to answer your questions or facilitate explanations regarding your indoor environmental solutions.
Harmful Pollutants Can Generate From Numerous Areas In Your Home

Building Science Team

Work directly with physicians and patients to understand symptoms and causes
Perform detailed onsite environmental assessment

  • Living space
  • Finished and unfinished areas
  • Assess air ventilation and moisture control throughout the structure
  • Identify sources of harmful pollutants
  • Chemical off gassing from building materials and furnishings
  • Micro-organisms (fungal, bacterial, pests, and dust)

Crawl Space and Attic Team

Remediation/Restoration of crawlspace & attic

  • Restoration
  • Modification
  • Innovative solutions

Construction and Carpentry

Building and construction related activity

Water proofing, exterior water management

Mechanical Team

Modify or install all mechanical equipment

  • HVAC systems
  • Ductwork
  • Assess air ventilation and moisture control throughout the structure
  • Dehumidification/humidification
  • Advanced air filtration

Successfully provide innovative solutions and custom modifications

Maintenance and Service Team

Service Technicians

  • Unique to Mead Indoor
  • Perform routine maintenance on all equipment
  • Diagnose and repair any/all mechanical problems

Interior Microbial Remediation

Microbial decontamination using proprietary “Hot Fogging” technique and environmentally safe antimicrobial solutions

Meticulous cleaning of all contents

Innovative decontamination of upholstered items

Furniture Renewal Team

Mead Indoor is a proud user of the VacuFog™ remediation system to sanitize and maintain many furnishings and household items

  • Upholstered furniture
  • Mattresses
  • Other goods that would be discarded

H20 Team

Whole house water filtration systems

Drinking water filtration systems

Mead Indoor is a nationally recognized leader in the field of Building Science and residential air and water quality. When faced with a mysterious or life threatening illness, the Mead Indoor difference may be critical to your family’s safety and wellness.

“Hospital Quality” Air

Multiple Dedicated Teams

Our expert teams are fully functional and mobile to perform their jobs so that all solutions work in concert with expertise and efficiency.

New and Retrofit Mechanical Systems with Advanced Environmental Modifications

Your HVAC and air handling systems serve as the sinuses and lungs of your home. Improper installation is often the cause of poor moisture control or the distribution of toxins throughout the home. Mead Indoor works with all brands and types of HVAC systems making the proper modification and adjacent installations (proprietary) to ensure the indoor air quality is the best possible and moisture control is optimal to mitigate the potential of microbial growth. Mead Indoor also maintains the systems to ensure proper functioning for the life of the equipment.


Safe/All Natural Toxin Removal

Mead Indoor uses all natural botanical fogging treatments and natural enzyme based solutions to remediate homes of microbial contamination (mold and bacteria). Whether it is structural cleaning or detailed content/furnishing treatments, our staff is expertly trained. Mead Indoor also provides state of the art solutions to remove gases, vapors, and filter water for home usage.

Clean, Dry & Non-toxic Unfinished Spaces

We leave unfinished spaces in a clean and orderly fashion to ensure homes are not exposed to additional toxic substances that can create future problems such as exposed insulation and ineffective vapor barriers.

Mead Indoor HVAC

Indoor Comfort – Moisture Control – Ventilation Systems – Indoor Air Quality – Energy Efficiency

Precise System Fitting

Moisture Control
Exterior Water Management
Natural Ventilation
Precision Mechanical Systems
Precise Calculations – allowing for all window, occupant, and electrical heat sources
New or Existing Systems of all Brands
Ductwork Suitability for Optimal Airflow and Mold Resistance
Air Filtration
Air Handling and Ventilation
Identify All Sources of Moisture, Condensation, and Leakage

Unparalleled Performance

Proprietary Installation Processes
Custom Modifications
Humidification & Dehumidification
VOC Mitigation
  • Proprietary use of non-toxic, mold resistant materials.
Optimized for Air Quality and Energy Efficiency
Identification of non-related HVAC issues affecting IAQ


Mead provides custom maintenance for every system we install. This is no ordinary seasonal HVAC routing service visit. Mead Indoor Mechanical System Experts service the systems for extended life and optimal efficiency. Each system is carefully inspected across all aspects of operation. We take pride in our systematic process that covers every element of maintenance. Mead Indoor takes pride in every aspect of our comprehensive services.

24/7 Emergency Service

Priority Service and Scheduling

10% Discount on Service Related Parts

Optional House Fogging

Internal Cleaning

Temperature Controls


Thermostat Operations



Leak Detection

Seasonal Preparation

Check Gas Burner Ports/Orifices

Check All Gas Lines

Electronic Components

Balance of Moving Parts

Replace All High Efficiency Component Filters

Structural Integrity

Disassembly to Cover and Clean Every Crevice

Rigorous Testing at all Performance Levels

Mead Indoor Mold Remediation


Mead Indoor’s Licensed and Certified technicians use the latest technology to find mold and its water sources, both inside and outside the home.

We employ proper safety standards and containment to disallow spores spreading “into the air and ventilation system. When disturbed, Mold can endanger occupants and spread contamination. 

We replace mold degraded materials with mold resistant materials to prevent future growth. We then ensure mechanical systems are clear of mold and work effectively to ventilate and control moisture to prevent mold from reoccurring.

We use all natural enzyme and botanical products to avoid using toxic and dangerousness chemicals to remediate. Systems are modified with proprietary designs to humidify, dehumidify, and clean the air of all particulates.

We maintain and service all of our work with 24/7 service availability.

Patented Microbial Treatment for Upholstered Items

With our system, you can remediate and sanitize a variety of household items, including mattresses, pillows, upholstered furniture, and more. Our system is also effective in remediating and sanitizing items that have been contaminated with mold, mildew, bacteria, and other microorganisms.

State of the Art Equipment

We employ the most recent advancements in moisture determination and equipment for remediation and air filtration.

Proper Containment to Prevent spreading

One of the most critical aspects of mold remediation is the proper containment of areas to be remediated. Removing mold from the home can be very dangerous as mold disruption and cleaning facilitates releasing dangerous amount of mold spores into the air. Improperly done, mold can contaminate all areas of the home through distribution by the HVAC system.

Precise Removal to avoid reconstruction

Mead Indoor takes pride in removing only the mold degraded areas where we are completely sure the mold will not return. We do not completely renovate and reconstruct when unnecessary.

Botanical Fogging to reach every inch and ventilation

We use a safe, all natural antimicrobial fog to remove mold spores throughout the home. We do not use chemical toxins (ammonia or chlorine based) that introduce new toxins into the home that can harm any occupants (family, children, and pets).

Moisture Control through Mechanical Systems

We make the proper modifications with the HVAC to ensure proper moisture control to avoid all mold growth. This includes moisture control within the systems themselves (a common source of mold and distribution) that may not be visible to the common homeowner.

The Mead Indoor Pledge

The Mead Indoor Team is personally and passionately committed to the delivery of comprehensive and sustainable indoor environmental solutions that improve lives, wellness, and healing.
Mead Indoor is the only environmental company in the State of Georgia Certified by the International Institute for Bau-Biologie & Ecology.

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Certified Bau-Biologie Environmental Inspectors
Certified IICRC Water Restoration Professionals
Conditioned Air Non Restricted –CN001455
Electrical Contractor Non-Restricted-EN001769
Certified Bau-Biologie Practitioners
Master Plumber – Non-Restricted-MP007206
Member Indoor Air Quality Association
Certified IICRC Microbial Remediation

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