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Our Philosophy


Our Story:

Bill Meadows has over 50 years experience providing sustainable indoor air quality. In 1970, Bill founded Mead Royal HVAC. Mead Royal was nationally recognized, earning the prestigious Dave Lennox Award for excellence and innovation three times. However, Bill’s passion and journey toward improving home environmental quality evolved out of necessity when his wife’s sickness was attributed to environmental illness. Bill sold Mead Royal to a conglomerate in 1998.

Bill refocused and expanded his purpose to help suffering patients benefit from the safest indoor environmental conditions in their homes. He successfully pursued advanced education in Building Science earning certifications across multiple disciplines from institutions including International Institute of Bau-biologie and Georgia Institute of Technology. Following his advanced studies, Bill founded Mead Indoor, dedicated to improving lives of chronically ill patients.

Mead Indoor has built a national reputation for providing innovative solutions, restoring patient health,and creating sustainable healthy indoor living environments. Mead Indoor employs and trains the highest quality individuals who share Bill’s passion for environmental wellness.

Bill Meadows,

President and Founder

Since founding Mead Indoor, Bill has developed a tremendous passion for improving the lives of people suffering from environmental illness. He has first hand knowledge coping with the debilitating impact environmental illness brings and empathizes with every patient when healing their homes. Bill works directly with physicians who treat environmental illness to fully understand each patient’s illness.

Bill takes pride in recruiting and retaining talented individuals to execute Mead Indoor services. Over 50 percent of his staff has been with Mead Indoor for greater than a decade.

Licenses and Certifications:
Successfully passed the Georgia State Board of Examiners and holds the following;

• Warm Air Contractors, Unrestricted License# 1455

• Master Plumbing, Unrestricted License# M-7206

• Master Electrician, Unrestricted License# 1769

• State of Georgia Real Estate Commission, Real Estate Sales Person, License# S 103 098.

• “Certified Building Baubiologie and Ecology Inspector”

• “Certified Building Baubiologie and Ecology Practitioner.”

staff-3Rob Bean,

Director of Field Services

Rob Bean has over 2 decades of Indoor Air Quality, HVAC, and Operations Management experience. Rob entered the field as an Installer’s Helper and has worked his way up through the ranks. He joined Mead Indoor in 2000 as a Lead Technician. He is currently Director of Field Services managing both service and installment departments.

Training and Certifications:

• EPA CFCs (universal)
• EPA Lead RRP
• US and Georgia PA are RPR (Lead Renovator)

Patricia Duncan,

Director of Environmental Services

After working for more than a decade as the Director of Quality Assurance at a large food manufacturing company located in the Washington DC area, she transitioned her career from food science to environmental science. Patricia was the National Network Administrator for an Environmental Testing Laboratory. She oversaw the activities and production of a team of Certified Industrial Hygienists and Environmental Investigators orchestrating inspections, sample collections, laboratory results and remediation reporting. Shortly after relocating to the Atlanta area in 2003, she began her career with Mead Indoor.
As a graduate of the Art Institute; Residential Planning and Interior Design, and a personal survivor of environmental illness, Patricia focuses her knowledge and experience on the impact of homes on human health.

Education and Training:

• Microbial Contamination and Remediation
• OSHA – General Industry Safety and Health
• Water Damage Restoration
• Applied Structural Drying
• Fire Restoration
• Odor Mitigation
• Applied Microbial Remediation

The Mead Indoor Pledge

The Mead Indoor Team is personally and passionately committed to the delivery of comprehensive and sustainable indoor environmental solutions that improve lives, wellness, and healing.
Mead Indoor is the only environmental company in the State of Georgia Certified by the International Institute for Bau-Biologie & Ecology.


We are Licensed and Certified experts. Our experienced teams are long term employees and not sub-contractors.

Our Bau-Biologie experts work with your physician’s diagnosis to fully understand the patient’s condition and symptoms.

Accountability, past success, and continued maintenance allow Mead Indoor to guarantee and deliver sustainable quality environmental solutions.

We continually discover innovative solutions that enable us to solve complex problems, innovate, and employ proprietary processes

Certified Bau-Biologie Environmental Inspectors
Certified IICRC Water Restoration Professionals
Conditioned Air Non Restricted –CN001455
Electrical Contractor Non-Restricted-EN001769
Certified Bau-Biologie Practitioners
Electrical Contractor Non-Restricted-EN001769
Member Indoor Air Quality Association
Certified IICRC Microbial Remediation

Mead Indoor’s BAU BIOLOGIE experts work with physicians and patients to focus on specific symptoms, toxins, and allergens that cause or interfere with wellness and healing
There are Many Scientific and External Variables that Require a Multi-Disciplined, Scientific Approach to Indoor Environmental Safety

Weather Conditions

Physics, Chemical, & Biological Activity of Building

Building Material Characteristics & Response to Stress & Time

Human Physiological Response

Environmental Control & Energy

Subterranean Conditions

Mead Indoor’s Bau Biologie Approach Addresses All of these Variables to Provide Environmental Wellness to Your Home
Construction Materials
Human Health
Architectural Design
Building Physics