Customer Testimonials - Mead Indoor

The Mead Difference

Jessica A.

We hired Mead to replace a 25 year old system and original ductwork in our home. The team was extremely professional from the initial research phase, to installation, to the project closure. The representatives never applied pressure for us to make a decision, they were willing to work with us on competitive pricing, the project team was trustworthy, and each day they arrived on time and cleaned up as if they were never there.


This was a major, complicated job and noise was kept to a minimum. Not to mention, Mead’s team also helped us schedule our inspection with the city! Overall, Mead eased a stressful process for us by their demonstrated professionalism, trustworthiness, and proactiveness. We’ve even enrolled in Mead’s service maintenance plan, and will be using them in the future!

Paul Y.

Fortunately, I have engaged the services of Mead Indoor for my home health since 1996. Their advice has been very valuable in identifying and solving my home health issues! With medically challenged members of my family, this was a must! They know what solutions to follow and how to do them.


Mark G.

Once again Mead delivers. Hot water heater started leaking and was about to burst. Mead knew I was at the Hospital and jumped into action. Got old out, cleaned up mess and replaced with new unit all in the same day. The front office kept me up to speed while the techs installed. This was second time they came to the rescue. Heat went out on a night when it was 8 degrees. They stopped everything and got new part installed at 8:00pm on a Friday. This company is unbelievable. Thanks Mead!


Linda S.

Without doubt, the BEST ever!


Tom S.

In the Atlanta market these days, there are numerous HVAC companies seeking your business with TV ads offering “Free Inspections “ or a minimal charge to inspect your system.


Usually designed to get there nose under the tent. Mead Indoor, however relies on their reputation for quality work and doing exactly what was agreed upon at an agreed price. And they stand behind their work, no need for someone with a bond to back them up. I highly recommend Mead Indoor.

Robert O.

Highly recommend Mead Indoor- Ronald came out on a Saturday and fixed not only the issue with our HVAC, but another issue as well with our water heater. He was courteous, polite, and even had the detail to wear shoe covers in the home. Cant thank him enough for a Saturday call! He has made us loyal to Mead after inheriting the contract from prior owners.


Wayne M.

A great company, they installed my environment friendly heating and air system over 20 years ago. Their trained service Tech’s are always available to respond to all requests. It’s a privilege to honor this company with a 5 Star rating.


Graham F.

On time, very professional and extremely knowledgeable. Great to work with.


Debi B.

Love this company.. they bent over backwards to get some of our work under warranty and actually seemed to want to save us money . They came out to our steamy home the next day, technicians so smart and professional and efficient.


Carol A.

Mead and Bill Meadows saved my husband’s life . They tested our home at purchase. Although nothing was found we elected to replace everything due to my husbands life threatening allergy to mold, mildew and fiber glass.


They removed our homes existing insulation, reinsulated, replaced the two hvac systems, added dehumidifiers and all ducting with the highest quality products.. The result has been wonderful and my husband’s health has been great. The entire family has benefitted. Update: we are in 14th year using company and it continues to be five star. Emergency service recently for attic hvac water pan in late evening was fabulous. Quick repair avoiding water damage. Serviceman Bill is top drawer!

Frank S.

Mead installed, maintained and upgraded our HVAC systems for 20+ years and has never failed to provide outstanding service and reliability.


Tom C.

Our A/C unit wasn’t quite cooling to what we had the thermostat set to. Mead Indoor came out on a Saturday and diagnosed that we were low on R410A refrigerant.


After filing it up Bill was able to find a leak in our coil. He had the office call me Monday morning with a quote and they were there to replace it on Tuesday. Great response time on weekend. I have been a long time customer and probably will always be a customer because of service like this.

Jessica P.

Mead Indoor will truly transform your home or building into a safe haven where you and your family can thrive. We’ve been renting a home that Bill and his team remediated and created a truly superior hvac system. We have a history of environmental illness.


We’ve healed our bodies living in this home and also have become much more resilient when we travel and stay in not as good conditions. My son is thriving. No more sinus and allergy issues. Gut health is so much better. It’s amazing! My husband and I both feel so much healthier. The air and water quality you live in makes a huge impact on your health. If you are suffering from any conditions, definitely have them come assess your home. But, even if you aren’t, I’d still have Mead Indoor improve the health of your home and prevent any future issues. They are also the kindest people who truly care about you and your health. Again, we are renting. But, when we buy our own home, we plan to have Mead Indoor get it up to their standards because they are THE BEST in the country! We are forever grateful for them.

Janice H.

Mead Indoor has taken care of my home ever since it was built.  Mr. Meadows, the owner, has always kept leaps and bounds ahead of new equipment and environmental hazards to my home.


Our crawl space is perfectly healthy now. Our air and heat all working properly. The staff and crew are always on time, very professional, very polite and knowledgeable. They take care when working to not disturb surroundings and clean up when leaving. Thank you Mr. Meadows!

Alex R.

Working with Bill and his team over the past 2 years has been amazing! They are incredibly knowledgeable and care for your home as if it is their own. This company is one of a kind and truly transformed our home’s air quality. I highly recommend them!


Catherine M.

Mead Indoor Envirotech is the most professional company that we have had the pleasure of dealing with in a long time!


From the very 1st phone call with Tiffany and then with meeting with her and the owner, Bill Meadows, we knew that we were in “good hands” – they were honest and very professional in the way they assessed our problem. My husband and I both will give them “5 Stars” for our experience- they deserve to receive the highest recommendation.

A Mack

I love Mead Indoor – they are very knowledgeable and professional, and always and do the job right. I have used them for multiple projects, and highly recommend them!


Jeanne C.

We had Mead Indoor install our HVAC system in 2009 & clean our crawl space, as well as twice a year they come for maintenance. This is the best money we have ever spent, we look at it as an investment in our health as well as upkeep of our home.


This company has been wonderful to work with, reliable, kind, punctual, and very respectful of person & property. We have just had a critter infestation & they wonderfully cleaned above & beyond our expectation to the point that I would not hesitate to sleep in our crawl space. I just want to thank each & every one of you at Mead Indoor for making our lives a little less stressful & May our beloved Lord richly bless everyone of you for the peace of mind you have given me at a time when my precious helpmate is incapacitated & unable to help even in the decision making. I am eternally grateful. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!!

Susan H.

We’ve been customers of Mead Indoor for more than 30 years.  That really says it all, but here’s more.


Their staff is extremely efficient and their service technicians are outstanding–punctual to a fault, knowledgeable and exceptionally skilled.  In all these years, we’ve never ha an issue.  With their superb service at a time when great customer service is no longer a cornerstone of most businesses, Mead Indoor shines.

Kenneth W.

We have a complicated home setup and Mead Indoor explains things thoroughly and clearly. There staff is friendly and easy to work with!


Coral B.

Great company. Great biannual maintenance of the equipment. Shout out to Bill who is so wonderful and competent when he comes to do the maintenance.


Wendy C.

Great service!


Parker & Lindsay B.

Mead was amazing! The air in our home is so much easier to breathe now. All their employees were great, and took extra care with our home.


They made this multi week job as painless as possible for us by making accommodations working around us working from home, and even cleaning up at the end of each day so our home didn’t look like a job site in the evenings.

Bill H.

Can’t say enough great things about Mead Indoor. We had mold in our house and I was having a number of health issues.


Bill Meadows with Mead came out. To look at the house. They did the remediation. And my health immediately started to improve. Over the last ten years, they’ve continued to do the service in our HVAC units and this company has been a lifesaver.

Steven H.

Mead Indoor serviced my house since 2016, and took care of any problem professionally. Thank you for doing great job!


Deborah G.

I highly recommend Bill Meadows & team! Very knowledgeable about environmental sensitivity and how to thoroughly evaluate an environment.


They responded quickly and were ready to accommodate my schedule. But most impressively, Mr. Meadows gave me answers & solutions that were clearly in line with my best interest. He was not going to take a penny unless he knew he could provide meaningful results. So nice to work with someone operating with such integrity! Highly recommend!

Mark D.

We have been a Mead Indoor customer for roughly 25 years. From our perspective and experience, not only is Mead Indoor the top of the top in the HVAC business, but also one of the best companies we’ve ever done business with in general.


This company takes customer service, attention to detail, thoroughness, responsiveness, and follow-through to a whole new level. We have utilized Mead Indoor for our HVAC installations and bi-annual maintenance service, attic insulation installation, plumbing (e.g. hot water heater) installation and repair, among many other services.

We have never had a single issue that Mead Indoor didn’t handle in a timely, thorough, and professional manner. This company is simply the best of the best!

MaryAnn S.

I had a fairly major waterproofing job done in my crawlspace. It’s a large crawlspace. MEAD did a wonderful job and I’m happy to recommend them.


Bonnie L.

Friendly, knowledgeable technicians. We have been customers for over 15 yrs & highly recommend them.


Vincent M.

I have worked with Mead Indoor for the past 25 plus years and have always found them to take pride in their work and truly care for their customers. If you are concerned about air quality in your home, they are the company to use.


James V.

The employees of Mead are always efficient and very knowledgeable of their particular task. Very dependable.


The owner Bill is the best in the business and always there to help on a personal basis.
41 years ago, he did my family a big favor, never asked what he could do to help, he just did it,
understanding what the family was going through.
At the time, we had never met and had nothing to do with anything monetary. It was the best goodwill I have ever experienced.
He is a very thoughtful and honest businessman.
Mead Indoor is a 10 on a scale of 10.

Erin M.

I had a great experience with Mead Indoor. They were kind, professional, and extremely knowledgeable and experienced. They’re also really easy to get in touch with whether it’s a phone call or timely response to a text.


When working in our home, everyone was courteous and kept things tidy and clean. I’m very pleased with their work, and now my mind is at ease knowing my family is breathing in the cleanest air and drinking the cleanest water possible. We already had them back again to install a new washer dryer, and a close friend hired them for her home as well.

Kris B.

Great company. From the office staff Tiffany and Tricia to the technicians. Bill has been servicing our HVAC HEPA filtration and dehumidifiers for several years. He is so friendly and patiently explains the system functions and answers my endless stupid questions. I couldn’t live without these guys!


Cheryl B.

Mead is a family owned company with great employees and customer service. I highly recommend them for all indoor services.


James W.

New heater and AC were installed in a timely manner. The two techs were very polite, professional and left the job cleaned up and neat each day. We were very pleased with the quality of the work and our interactions with them.


Logan T.

Loved working with Tiffany and her team. They are the best indoor environmental company in the area by far!



Ann L.

Mead Indoor has been working in our home for several months. We had air quality issues that were affecting my health.


Working with them has been amazing. All the guys are so kind and friendly and courteous, and that has made this process so much easier. Bill Meadows and Anthony Bunetta were great at figuring out what needed to be done to fix the problems. It is clear that the client’s health is their biggest priority. Everyone in the company has been so responsive to what I needed to have happen in this process. I didn’t even consider any other companies to do this work. I knew they were the best, and I can’t say enough good things about them.

Jody M.

Mead has done work in 2 homes for us. They do a wonderful job. Their staff is so professional. They do an excellent job servicing our systems and they have been quick to respond to any questions or concerns we have.


They recently did work in a home for many weeks when we were not present and they took such good care of the home that you couldn’t even tell that someone had been doing extensive work in the house unless you looked in the crawl space to see how clean it looked and great it smelled.

I have extreme mold allergies so someone doing their job with excellence in this area was a must!

Rose H.


I moved into this house in 2016.  I am an Asthmatic and not long after moving in, contrary to previous years, I began having almost daily attacks of Asthma.  I depended on almost daily use of inhalers to help me breathe, which I previously used only when I encountered triggers, such as smoke, certain sprays, certain blooming plants, etc.  I had no idea what to do and struggled for a while.


In 2018, I had used the services of a well-known company.  They claimed that they had found and fixed the problem, but in reality had only touched the surface.  Frequent attacks continued because the main sources of the problem were left untouched, namely, the crawlspace and attic.  A dear church brother told me about Mead Indoor and I requested their services.  First, they did a detailed inspection that identified the sources of the problem, then drafted a plan to fix the problem.  They followed up with very detailed, meticulous and specific remedies that have totally resolved the problem.  Thank heavens, I am no longer struggling to breathe nor depend on the constant use of an inhaler, which required frequent and expensive refills.  I am finally enjoying living in my home free of frequent Asthmatic attacks.  My son no longer sneeze profusely upon entering my home.

Not only am I grateful to Mead Indoor for their services, but I appreciated their workers’ for their professionalism; they were also pleasant, kind and respectful throughout the entire time.  I highly recommend this company for all of the reasons stated above.

With much gratitude, I remain,

Rose H.

J. Kirby

Mead Indoor did a great job on our home.  We are very satisfied with the work they did and the clean air results.  Beginning with the preliminary evaluation by (Owner) Bill Meadows through the final work evaluation (also by Bill), everyone provided excellent professional, friendly workmanship and service.  During the process when questions would arise where an approval had to be made by management, such decisions were made quickly – along with the rationale for the decisions.


The quality of their work is exceptional.  Their pricing is a bit high but you are paying for the scientific research and years of experience that the company has developed and refined.  All of their staff know their job well and work hard to deliver a finished product the customer will be very pleased with.

Our home is so much more comfortable due to the adjustments to the original ductwork, as well as the thorough cleaning it received.  There was a considerable amount of mold that needed to be removed.  The ductwork adjustments significantly improved the airflow throughout our home.  We are breathing considerably cleaner air, the house is cooler and less humid – and the air conditioner is not having to work as hard despite the typical summer heat.  We are now enjoying the benefits of a cooler, healthier (mold-free) home.  We feel very good about the investment we made in having this scientific process carried out by the Mead staff.  The long-term benefits are well worth the cost.

J. Kirby

James P.

Dr. Dennis and Bill,

About 13 years ago I began to suffer from an overall loss of energy accompanied by a series of sinus issues.  My initial concern was that it involved an allergic reaction to food or something in my environment.  My first Doctor visit was to an allergy specialist in Athens Georgia.  He ran all the conventional test, they came back negative, and I continued to deal with the same issues and no answers.


At some point within the next year my wife met with a friend who had suffered from similar health issues, and she told us about an unconventional Doctor in Atlanta who had helped her.  This Doctor, of course, was Donald Dennis.  On my first visit (January 15, 2009) he immediately dressed me and himself in a gown, and he adorned a mask as well.  Over the next two years he diagnosed and treated the mold allergy that I had acquired from my home and work environments.  On March 24, 2009, he performed a much-needed sinus surgical procedure which added years to my then fragile life.

In some cases, he referred me to other physicians and environmental specialists.  One such referral was to Mead Indoor Environmental.  This company, headed by Bill Meadows, transformed my home from a cesspool of mold into a clean air environment.  My dog Murphy, who was suffering from skin and dietary allergies, was referred to a  allergy specialist, but only began to improve and recover from his hair loss after the air quality in our home was improved.  My energy was restored, but it was a slow and required a necessary diet change to restore my gut health.  The way Doctor Dennis put it to me, yo can live in a mold environment for several years and not be affected that much;  but for some, when the “bucket” gets full you will have issues, and that if left untreated, will result in devastating consequences.  Thank you Dr. Dennis for the medical expertise and your knowledge of others such as Mead Indoor who are there to help.

Bill Meadows, of Mead Indoor, has put together a staff that understands the importance of a mold free environment to personal health. I consider Bill a friend, and his staff are people who care about the health of those they serve and not just as clients.

A big THANK YOU goes out to the teams of Doctor Dennis and Bill Meadows of Mead Indoor!

James P.

Lewis and Sandra M.

Dear MEAD Team,

We are writing to attempt to express our gratitude for the healthy and possibly lifesaving systems you designed, implemented, and integrated into our home.


Sandy suffered for years with respiratory issues, with little help from a variety of specialists.  Finally, Dr. David Lahasky, her General Practitioner, suggested cleaning the last 18″ of our HVAC ducts with a bleach solution, in case there were mold issues contributing to her condition.  We decided to have the entire system cleaned professionally, rather than attempt to clean the last few inches ourselves.  I contacted D&L Heating and Air, the HVAC company that installed our home’s four HVAC systems.  They informed me they do installations and are not set up to clean ducts:  however, they recommend MEAD Indoor Environmental for duct cleaning.  I soon learned MEAD depended on a thorough top to bottom inspection and analysis of the situation before recommending solutions.  In our case,  mere cleaning would not solve our health problem since the situation was too severe for a quick washing.  In addition to mold, you discovered we also had insulation infiltration issues; we had airborne cellulose dust and fiber-glass particles in the living space of our home.

I have experience with complex engineering designs, implementations. and system integrations.  As a Contracting Officer Technical Representative for the US Government’s Federal Aviation Administration, I helped administer multiple engineering support contracts approximating one billion dollars each, over ten-year periods.  In my opinion, MEAD Indoor Environmental’s knowledge, skill set, and professionalism meet the highest standards.  Project oversight was appropriate without micromanaging.  Your field representatives were well equipped and possessed the skill  sets required for the tasks, as evidenced ty their workmanlike results.  Timely feedback from you field representatives as well as company management was excellent throughout the engagement.

Again, thank you for a job well done and for providing a healthy environment for my wire and our entire family.


Lewis M.

John G.

Mead Indoor:  Recommendation

Our daughter lived in Jakarta, Indonesia, and taught at Christian school there for two years.  After returning home, she struggled with some medical issues.


Nothing life-threatening or likely to continue long-term, but they are cumulatively significant enough to make it difficult for her to function normally.  Consequently, she had to resign her position at work and take some time off to just focus on getting well.  Many issues were successfully addressed, but her doctors became increasingly convinced that many problems were being caused by exposure and sensitivity to mold.  Since our daughter is living with us, my wife and I had our home tested for mold.  It passed standard exam, typically done during home purchase process.

However, our daughter’s problems continued, with one incident landing her in hospital emergency room.  Shortly afterwards, her doctor recommended that we have Mead Indoor examine our home.

I was very skeptical when Mead’s leadership, Bill Meadows, came to our home.  After all, it had passed its test and my wife and I had no issues.  Surely, our daughter’s problems had roots in something other than mold.  I, frankly, did really not want these two strangers in my home in COVID-19 world.  They spent six hours with us.  Before they left, I had developed appreciation for their experience, expertise, and concern for their clients.  It was also clear to me that our home did have significant mold issues, not problematic to most, but dangerous for people particularly sensitive to mold, like our daughter.  In next week, we agreed to work with Mead.  Within three weeks, remediation efforts had begun.

It was a major undertaking to make our home safe.  Think new ducts throughout (replacing fiberglass ones, which are mold breeding grounds, with metal), reworked heating and air conditioning units, new dehumidifiers and electronic air filters, new hardwood floors (replacing carpet that was upstairs and in basement’s finished part), new whole-house water filters, etc.  Obviously, this was all complicated by everyone having to be COVID-19 safe.  The base project took three months.  People, often many people, were in our home virtually all day, every day, for this entire time.  Some outlying odds and ends, like water filters, came later.

This project went more smoothly than any large project in which we have ever been involved.  Mead has just been really good.  Not perfect, no one is.  Still, on rare occasions when problems developed, Mead was quick to rectify what had gone wrong.  Work was just first rate.  Everyone was pleasant, and it was easy to work with them.  I have particularly been impressed with Mead’s principal players — customer relationships and project oversight (Bill), major equipment installations (Dwayne), carpentry, painting, and almost everything else (Leonard and Paulino), floors (Angelo), and plumbing (Antonio).  Make no mistake, it was not pleasant to live through all this, especially during COVID-19.  Mead made it bearable.

Most importantly, our daughter’s health has dramatically improved.  My wife and I even feel better.  Mead did what they said they would do.  Results were even better than suggested by them and our daughter’s doctors.  We could not be more pleased.

Separately, not long after this project was completed, we had two unrelated problems.  One night, about 10:30 p.m., our ten-year-old water heater started leaking in basement.  About four hours later, once my wife and I had mitigated immediate damage, I texted Bill regarding this emergency.  I settled in to my all-nighter to keep any further damage from happening.  Bill texted me back about 4 a.m., and we were soon talking through everything.  Mead’s team (led by Dwayne) was onsite by 8 a.m. to replace water heater and address related damage.  Sometime later, water pipe started leaking in our basement.  Pictures and another plea for help were texted to Bill.  Within few hours, Mead (Dwayne again) was onsite to quickly repair it.

Perhaps, it goes without saying, we will continue to do business with Mead, using them for anything they do.



Riley T.

Whether you are undertaking an entire rebuild or tackling a smaller renovation, I highly recommend Mead Indoor for your next project. They are highly experienced, reputable, and true to their word…a rare attribute to find these days. Not only do they perform superior work and are air-quality experts, but they also provide skilled, subspecialized teams dedicated to each phase of your project ensuring the outcome will leave you pleased.

Janell S.

I have used Mead Indoor for over 10 years and on 2 homes.  They have done everything from installing HVAC systems, dehumidifiers, air cleaners, mold removal, crawlspace encapsulation, mitigation from water damage, plumbing, carpentry, rebuild from water damages and everything they have done for us has been the highest quality.


We even us them for our bi-yearly HVAC services. My crawl space is so clean and pristine that I could have a picnic there and I always show it off to company…lol. All the employees all Mead are extremely qualified, professional and provide the best service and care for my home. They are not the least expensive but they are by far the very best! I recommend them to all my friends and family and I would never let any other company work on my HVAC systems or ever mitigate my home! Thank you Mead for taking care of my home and family!

Mike B.

Thanks for a job well done.  I wanted to take a moment to give some positive feedback on my recent heater repair.


I have been a customer of Mead Indoor for over 30 years.  From Tricia, Tiffany to the service team, the teamwork and service is excellent!  They immediately diagnosed the problem as a bad motor and ordered the part and installed it.  The team does an excellent job and I can always can depend on the wonderful team that Mr. Meadows has put together. If you are looking for a professional team then Mead Indoors is the place.  Thanks again for a professional job!

Maureen F.

Mead Indoor,

The previous owner of my house had crawlspace cleaned and sealed, installed air purifier and a whole house dehumidifier in 2005, it wasn’t cheap but I have continued to use them for maintenance on HVAC system and they are very dependable. Most of the employees have been there for 20+ yrs. “My family has had the privilege of working with Mead Indoor for more than 15 years. From our first meeting with Bill Meadows, our total experience has been superior.

Gene H.

“My family has had the privilege of working with Mead Indoor for more than 15 years. From our first meeting with Bill Meadows, our total experience has been superior.


Initially we had Mead Indoor greatly improve the air quality in our home, by removing and replacing old insulation in the attic and improving air circulation.There was no cookie cutter approach- every aspect was customized for our unique family situation.

Ongoing efficient service has insured the highest air quality and best overall environment possible . And from time to time as we had a situation requiring immediate attention, service has always been immediate and thorough.

Three words resonate when I think of Mead Indoor- character, competency and consistency. Beginning with Bill Meadows but reflected in everyone we have worked with, we always see people of high character – no shortcuts ..just always doing the right thing to provide best service. And , Mead always displays critical knowledge to address every situation we have encountered. Finally, consistent and thorough ongoing service has allowed maximum return on the system and services we have purchased.


It’s nice to have  had a relationship with a company we fully trust in every respect. “

Bruce R.

I have used Mead Indoor for a variety of home environmental improvement projects, including replacement and maintenance of our two central heating and air conditioning systems. It has definitely been worth it.


Our air is so much cleaner, and that’s really been great for the allergy sufferers in our family. Mead Indoor’s installation and maintenance teams are extremely professional and tend to have many years of experience with Mead’s methods and technologies. Finally, I particularly appreciate that I’ve been able to look to Mead for consultation on a number of other environmental improvement matters besides heating and air. Based on my experiences, I believe their science-based approach to solving problems adds value well beyond most environmental service companies. I would not hesitate to recommend Mead Indoor, and I have.

Dr. Nathanson-Lippitt

I have been a client and a colleague of Bill Meadows and his amazing crew for decades now.  I first met him thru a patient of mine who had used him to clean up the mold in their home with dramatic improvement in the symptoms of their child with autism.  Bill’s team repeated this story for many of my patients.


When my son came home to visit and had terrible headaches, the mold was the cause.  Mead Indoors thorough cleaning and repairing of an outside wall 15 years ago has stood the test of time.  When pipes in the ceiling/floor between two levels almost collapsed our kitchen, it was this company that made everything right and worked effectively with our insurance company.
This company still takes care of all our HVAC.  The technicians are always articulate, polite and on time.  They have someone on call 24/7.  I  wouldn’t dream of entrusting the health of my home to any other company.

Jennifer J.

We met Bill during a crisis in my life. My health was not good and I had chronic scalp pain and loss of hair for over a year. I could get no answers from medical Drs of why I felt so bad. You could say I was desperate for relief. My husband and I took a leap of faith with Mead as this endeavor was expensive .


I’m hear to say that we made the right decision and I am so grateful we had the opportunity to surround ourselves with such an incredible team ! Not only do I feel a lot better, but just learning from Bill Meadows how environmental issues affect our bodies was a wealth of information. Mr. Meadows has a passion helping people. He’s a knowledgeable perfectionist who will go the extra mile to make sure everything has been taken care of properly. Bill stayed on top of the project while their team worked in our home for months to make our home safe from toxins . I look back on how I’ve spent tons of money on material stuff and realize that you just can’t put a price on your health. My husband and I will always be grateful for this team of incredible people. They are professional and neat and have integrity. I actually miss them all just being here! Thank you Mead !!!

Dr. Kenneth J.

Mead did a great job on our home -Their work , although somewhat expensive, was clearly explained and performed with precision by individuals who were honest and skilled. Very satisfied with the job that they did.and Their customer support was extraordinary for these days and times-glad we used Mead and had all the things done that they suggested.

Tim & Kathy S.

Just a note to tell you how satisfied we were with the installation of our new HVAC system.  Sergio, Eric, Bill and all those that helped them in the course of the installation were great.  The men were knowledgable, polite, clean and committed to their work.  Mead Indoor could have no better representation of quality and service to their customers.  We would highly recommend Mead Indoor to anyone looking for a new system or service to their existing one.

Thanks again for a job well done.

Nannette S.

Mead Indoor came to our rescue in 2019, when we discovered we had a whole house mold problem. (Our HVAC system had been breached to the crawl space, which had the mold.) Bill (owner) came to our house and spent many hours with us to assess our home’s problem. We were told by Bill that the work to remediate the house would take about 2 months and it took exactly 2 months. We lived in the house throughout, around the remediation.


The people who work on your house from Mead Indoor are all employees of the company, not sub-contractors. When you have mold, your life and peace are disrupted enough, and certainly the process of remediation is disruptive. But I would not have wanted to go through it with any other company. We trust Bill, and we enjoyed the company of their employees. They were very respectful of our home and the space we needed to live our days. Despite being super grateful when the promised work was fulfilled, we actually were sad to see some of these people leave our lives. Though…Mead Indoor will now service our HVAC & humidifier systems twice a year, so maybe we will get to see some of them over the years.

Our mold was discovered because I was experiencing health issues that were growing in number and severity. When my Dr. discovered I was mold toxic, she could only recommend Mead Indoor to remediate if we were to stay in the house. We are so grateful to be able to keep our house. The difference in our air quality was tangible as soon as Mead got our new HVAC up and running. The difference in my health is remarkable. I didn’t even realize how many health issues I had until so many of them disappeared upon me breathing clean air. (We don’t know how many months/years our air had been so poor.) I thought I was just getting older faster than others, but it turns out I’m as young as my age (or younger, if you go by how I feel) and I was just highly toxic.

We have a grown daughter with autism in the house. She can’t talk and she has a LOT of health issues. I am so relieved knowing that the mold toxins we had all been breathing will no longer be a complicating factor to her health. I can’t wait to see what kind of healing she can experience with clean air and a good detoxification program. Bill and all Mead Indoor employees were super kind and considerate to our daughter and of all our unique needs as a family. Our daughter is very sensitive and is a good judge of character, even without words. She gave Bill kisses some visits and probably snuck a few in on the employees, too, but they were all good enough to take any unusual interactions in stride.

Others have written that Mead Indoor’s work is not inexpensive, and that you get what you pay for. During Bill’s 2nd visit, he went over the work proposed and the cost of each aspect. Beforehand, I’d prepared myself by adding up in my head what I thought the cost would be for each part of the work. When Bill turned to the final page—the total—it was exactly what I thought it would be. Yes, I hoped it would be less, but it was the exact amount that I thought they would come up with based on what they would need to do, considering the manpower and time required, and the thoroughness and specialty they promised.

If you have a mold concern, my husband and I highly recommend Mead Indoor to find the source of the problem and come up with the best solution.

Michael R.

Mead Indoor completely transformed the air quality of our home.  My wife has chronic health issues related to various chemical (and other) sensitivities, and typically had continuous sinus problems in addition to her worse or more life-threatening symptoms.  I had begun in the last year or so to have problems with sinuses, concentration, headache, brain fog, and other things.  My wife homeschools our children while I work from home, so we are in our home all the time.


Bill from Mead Indoor tested the air in our home, dismantled our AC and heating systems, and showed us (in detail) the mold growth and the problems with fiberglass and other particulate matter in our systems and in certain parts of the house.

Though the price tag sounded prohibitive, on the basis of my own research and other very good past references from Mead’s clients, we engaged Mead to resolve the problems.  The techs they sent to do this spent weeks working on the home, and they were as professional and meticulous as any contractor or engineer I have ever known.  They completely dismantled and rebuilt our systems from top to bottom, installing new infrastructure and testing everything carefully.  There was open communication the whole time between the Mead team and their supervisors and our family during all the work and various decisions that had to be made.

Now that the job is finished and the new systems have been operating for a while in the house, the air quality is totally different and we can feel it all the time.  My wife no longer wakes up with sinus issues nearly every morning (nor do I), the headaches and related symptoms that were previously becoming ‘normal’ for me have subsided, and the air smells and ‘feels’ much better and easier to breathe.  I would not hesitate to hire Mead Indoor again (and have already hired them moving forward to maintain these systems) and I do not think I would ever buy another home without consulting with them or having them work on its ‘lungs’.  110% satisfied and worth every penny.

Carol A.

Mead and Bill Meadows saved my husband’s life . They tested our home at purchase. Although nothing was found we elected to replace everything due to my husbands life threatening allergy to mold, mildew and fiber glass. They removed our homes existing insulation, re-insulated, replaced the two hvac systems, added dehumidifiers and all ducting with the highest quality products..  The result has been wonderful and my husband’s health has been great. The entire family has benefited.

Gary S.

I do not have enough positive adjectives to describe how satisfied I am with Mead’s service. I recently had my maintenance done on my air conditioners. Bill my service tech came in properly attired with mask and shoe coverings. What impressed me was when the service was complete, Bill sanitized all the areas he came in contact with. Was very impressed with that extra step. That is why I have used Bill Meadow’s Mead organization for approximately 35 years. Thanks Bill, Bill and Tiffany for your on going superlative service.

Mary T.

We have been with Mead Indoor since Mr Meadows opened their door over 20 years ago. This is a wonderful company, and I cannot say enough good things about their team. They will treat you with respect, caring and consideration. I have underlying health issues and am chemically sensitive. I don’t trust anyone else to know what is safe to put in our home. It is a very comforting feeling knowing Mr Meadows and his team care so much. The level of knowledge and expertise cannot be beat!! Their workmanship is a cut above the rest. I am very thankful for this company, Mr Meadows and all who work there.

Allison M.

Bill Meadows and Mead Indoor has changed my health and the health of my family in the most profound way.  I am beyond grateful to the team at Mead for making my home a place where we can recover and heal vs. making us sick.  It is the best money I have ever spent.

Susan B.

I’m the original voice of Siri, and basically Bill Meadows and his team at Mead Indoor saved my career!  They completely cleaned the air in our house, so no more allergies for me!  Bill is a perfectionist, and it shows in every way.  He and the rest of the Mead team know what they’re doing, and they do it efficiently and thoroughly.  I highly recommend Mead Indoor, especially for all of you out there who need to breathe!! 🙂

Connie and Larry – Flintstone, GA
Kudzu Review

I would like to tell others about this wonderful company and my experience with Bill Meadows and the entire staff of MEAD INDOOR!!  This company has our full confidence, they are honest, trustworthy and deliver absolutely pristine results!!  We are completely satisfied and the health benefits of their product are not to be compared to any other!!  Our air quality is amazing and significantly noticeable in our dally lives.


A few words of advice:  Don't strive to have it all, it will wear you out, you begin to make compromises.  When you have a choice between taking a vacation, buying a fancy car, boat etc.. and repairs on your home and especially the air you breathe CHOOSE WISELY.  Your home is something like a sanctuary, it is where you go to rest, rejuvenate and gain strength.  When you find you are led to discover MEAD INDOOR ENVIROTECH and you actually listen to the science proven information they gracefully render to you, you will understand how important it is to keep your home environment in tip top shape.

I said this during the decision making process to install our air system, "WHEN YOU FIND KNOWLEDGE AND IT IS REVEALED BY EVIDENT TRUTH AND YOU TURN AWAY FROM THIS KNOWLEDGE YOU HAVE CEASED TO BE BLESSED BY ITS GRACE BESTOWED TO YOU."  If you are constantly having sinus problems, immune problems, asthma, etc... and find yourself visiting the Dr. way too often, you should consider MEAD INDOOR for a consult.


Installed new heat pump and environmental system.


Mike M. – Buford, GA
Yelp Review

It has been about  6 months since Mead Indoor revamped our HVAC systems, replacing the plenum which was spitting out raw fiberglass shreds, elimination mold in the system, putting in dehumidifier, and heavy duty filtration and cleaning out the ducts.  We also replaced all of our attic insulation and sealed it up nice and tight, and even had our older Lexus treated to eliminated mold issues in the ventilation A/C there.  The quality of our indoor air is now much better and my wife’s sinus issues are greatly improved.


Mead was recommended to us by my Wife’s physician related to her sinus issues and felt mold was present in our environment

Bill was great at explaining what would happen and created a solution to fit our needs and the most impressive part was the work of the crew, led by Dwayne and Destin that worked at our house for about a month.  They were very neat and cleaned up after themselves every day and caused as little disruption to our normal routine as possible

They are not cheap, but I have found that you get what you pay for in these types of situations.  We had one small issue about 3 months in and they had someone out the next morning, who quickly took care of the problem.

I heartily recommend Mead for the results and would do it all over again!!

Caroline M.
Google Review

Bill Meadows is one of the most honest, and professional men I’ve ever met.  His knowledge of building science, indoor air quality, moisture control, heating and cooling is second to NONE.  He has the innate ability of explaining high level concepts in a way the average home owner can understand.  I would trust Bill and Mead Indoor for all things related to creating a healthy home and premium air quality which directly impacts your family’s health!!

Al B.
Google Review

Very professional, honest, will walk through everything with you.  Very knowledgeable about clean air and air quality in your home.  They are an air quality, air conditioning and heating service, so I have NO idea what the customer that posted the negative comment about Plumbing was even talking about!  Must’ve been on the wrong page. I have complete faith in MEAD INDOOR and have used them for 15 years!

Margaret W.
Google Review

My Doctor recommended Mead Indoor to me after my lab results indicated I had a possible mold exposure. When they came out to do our home evaluation and we were blown away at his expertise and thoroughness. He took his time explaining everything to us and even walked us through our home to point out where the issues were. He actually came back a second time to walk through everything with my husband.


We have had problems with moisture in our basement for many years and even had a mold remediation company “fix” it 12 years ago. But they never corrected what was causing the increase moisture and is wasn’t until I became very sick that we knew we had a problem. As it turned out, our problems extended beyond the basement. Mead even had a solution for a roofing issue that we have had many contractors unsuccessfully address. He had a simple solution that worked!!

Every one of their employees who were in my house during the job were professional, trustworthy, and courteous.  The office staff are also professional and courteous.  What this company does is invaluable to your health.  The owner, Bill Meadows, personally came at work completion to make sure we were satisfied with the job.  He is so caring and treats you like family.

We are 100% satisfied and continue to use this company to service our 2 furnaces and AC units.  If I could give this company 10 stars I would!  Don’t waste your time & money with other companies for your environmental issues.

Ronnie & Pam

First of all, please accept my apology for the lateness of this letter.  I woke up this morning and was thinking about you as I have been wanting to write to you for quite some time now.  I really appreciated having the opportunity to visit with you over the phone a couple of weeks back and was so glad to hear you are doing well.  God is wonderful!


I will never forget the day you pulled up in our driveway to evaluate our mold an mildew situation, as it changed our lives forever and for the better.  It was also the new beginning of a wonderful friendship and relationship.

Bill, If you remember, I was probably one of the most skeptical customers you have encountered.  How little did I really know until the education I received from you as to why Pam and I were continuously sick all the time.  For a very long time Pam and I just did not understand why we were constantly back and forth to the doctor.  Once you educated us on what was really happening underneath our home and inside our ventilation system with mold and mildew, then the reality of living a healthier life and the decision to do something about it, became fairly simple.  I was also extremely impressed to see you suit up and do the work yourself and then sit down with us and explain your evaluation and more importantly, our options for living in a much cleaner environment.

The clean air system you recommended and installed has changed our lives for the better and I will forever be grateful to you.  To say thank you for all that you and your crew did for Pam and myself hardly seems sufficient, however, it is appropriate.  Therefore, please accept my most humble and sincere appreciation for the excellent job that you and your team did.  It has now been more than two years and the system is continuously working beautifully.  We always look forward to seeing and visiting with your technicians when they come out to conduct the annual maintenance inspections.  I would also like to extend a personal open invitation to lunch or dinner next time you are down this way.  Pam and I would love to see you!  Thank you again for the expertise, professionalism and friendship.  We enjoy our relationship with Mead Indoors Envirotech and will continue to do so for years to come.

Please feel free to share our phone numbers and share this letter as testimony of how you changed our lives forever.  We are now living in a much cleaner and healthier home environment thanks to you,  your company and your staff.

With Warm Regards


Derrick G., Atlanta GA. – Yelp Review

If you want someone who truly understands air quality and all the nuances associated with clean air, you have come to the right place. They are without question a notch above the rest. If anyone in your house has health issues related to the air in your house, you should hear what these folks have to say. Every service technician that has come to my home has been very courteous, very professional and very knowledgeable. They do not compromise on quality which is what I love about them. I am not one to normally give reviews like this but feel compelled to in this case.


My physician recommended Mead Indoor after diagnosing me with toxic mold exposure, which he believed had caused my chronic and persistent sinus infections for 20 years. Bill Meadows was prompt in coming to our house to examine the problem, and he took ample time to investigate the source of the mold infestation, caused by water leaking into our crawl space, and the extent of the contamination.


The work he recommended was expensive, but it was also comprehensive and worth every dollar. Mead stopped the water intrusion; cleaned with non-toxic, environmentally friendly products, all the mold growth on every surface of the crawl space and all our duct work; took apart one of our HVAC units and cleaned it; replaced the other HVAC unit with one designed specifically for our house and my air quality needs; and fumigated the entire house to eliminate mold spores lurking within. All the Mead employees who worked on this project were not only polite and well-mannered, but also were highly skilled at their jobs. As a result of this work, I have not had a sinus infection and barely a mild cold since this work was performed, a time of about 7 years! Mead has continued to service my HVAC units since this original work was done. Their work is of the highest quality, and Mead employees continue to be my favorites of all the service companies we use because of their promptness, dedication to task, efficiency, thoroughness, and concern for my satisfaction. I am grateful to have found Mead.

John & Cindy

My husband, John, and I first began working with Bill Meadows, founder of Mead Indoor EnvioTech, located in Marietta, Georgia, in December, 2004. We were referred to Bill by another patient when I was very ill and being treated for environmental illness at the Environmental Health Center in Dallas, Texas.


The referring patient was one of an entire family of patients whose health had been destroyed after unseen mold was left growing in their home following expensive but improper remediation of damage caused by a ruptured water line. They told me that Mead Indoor might seem more expensive initially, but would “do it right” and cost far less in the long run.

We were living on Lake Oconee near Greensboro, Georgia. We had already moved out of one home in which under-house mold had grown back within six months of treatment by another company. By the time I was in treatment in Dallas, we were living in a second home with again failed, very expensive, under-house mold treatment. In Dallas, I learned that my health and quality of life were critically dependent on having a healthy, mold-free environment in our home. We were very grateful that Mead Indoor was willing to travel from Marietta to Lake Oconee with an extremely efficient and effective team of workers to remediate our home.

All the prior costly and ineffective remediation work had conditioned us well. We believed that in the long run, the only way to solve the total environmental problem in our home was to invest the money necessary for Mead Indoor to “do it right.” Bill’s credentials, education, experience, professionalism, and commitment to the highest standards, impressed us. Bill educated us about what the remediation entailed and kept us thoroughly informed throughout the process. Even more, Bill’s pride in his team’s work and his clear dedication to the mission were obvious and much appreciated. To say we were extremely pleased with the work is an understatement. Our only regret is that we hadn’t known about Bill Meadows and Mead Indoor in the beginning. It would have saved us thousands of dollars in medical bills, wasted time, and ineffective mold treatment by other companies.

In fact, because of our excellent experience with Mead Indoor, in late 2007, when we knew we were moving from Georgia to Tennessee, our first call was to Bill Meadows. He once again saved us thousands of dollars as his consulting trips to Tennessee were critical to selecting a new home that could be brought up to his standards and maintained as an environmentally safe home.

Once our new home was purchased, Bill once again sent a full and strong team to prepare our new home environmentally. Under his direction, our new home was sealed from outside ground water, humidity controlled, moisture proofed, freed of mold and air-quality controlled, virtually eliminating all mold spores and other noxious particles. The moisture barrier in our extensive, eight-foot high “crawl space” is still a source of awe for plumbers, electricians and other workers having a need to enter the space.

With Mead Indoor’s initial preparation, semiannual maintenance visits, and with no additional major remediation expenses, our current home has remained a safe and healthy environment for eight years now.

To say the least, we are very grateful to Bill and his professional, caring and dedicated team. Without them, my quality of life would have suffered dramatically. So we say with heartfelt thanks, God bless Bill Meadows and Mead Indoor.

Best of the Best – Kudzu Review

Mold remediation is a serious business because mold is so dangerous. It was in my case when I was diagnosed with mold-induced hyperthyroidism in 2014 and was faced with 2 potential surgeries. Hiring a company that knew what it was doing was paramount, for mold counts in our 1960s crawlspace and basement were TNTC, too numerous to count. We needed something that would work quickly, efficiently, and permanently. 


Guided by recommendations from my doctors, one of whom is the leading thyroid specialist in the Southeast, we found what we were looking for: Mead Indoor. Not only is its founder, Bill Meadows, a trained scientist, he is also certified in Bau-Biologie, based on German principles that address the connection between a healthy home and a healthy life. As Germany is the world leader in health, I was impressed by the disciplines that informed the comprehensive solutions Bill designed for our home. To my knowledge, there is no other mold remediation company in Georgia that is as well educated or that employs the clearly advanced technology that Mead Indoor uses. Two months after remediation, my thyroid returned to normal and I had no need for surgery. I would like to add that Mead Indoor employees are highly skilled, deeply committed, and profoundly caring. The work they do is conscientious, fastidious, and impeccable. When making a routine inspection of the work that Mead Indoor had done, all the inspector could say was “Wow!”

C.J. – Yelp Review – Atlanta, GA.

What would you pay to have your health restored? It is priceless! For 30+ years I have suffered with sinus disease and never realized that my health would ever/could ever be restored this side of Heaven….but, with HUGE thanks to Mead Indoor (Bill, Rob, David, Joey, Chris, Gerga, Dwayne, Darrell, Leslie, Manuel, etc) – and for working in close conjunction with my physician – I am now able to live without antibiotics and steroids! It is an absolute miracle! Mead was knowledgeable, dedicated – and relentless – in solving any and all issues that were interfering with my health….


and little did I even realize that I even had a home/environment problem! That is another astounding part of this whole story! Never did it occur to me that I was living in the midst of 90% of my problem/cause! I could go on and on….but you get the idea. Mead is the best. Thanks seem so inadequate when you are truly an integral part of having restored my quality of life.

Rosa L –  Winchester, VA.

Although I discovered Mead rather late in my 30+ years in Atlanta, I am so glad I did find them, and I found Mead and Bill Meadows to be the best I have ever dealt with. All Mead employees and staff are friendly, conscientious, thorough, and well trained to do the work I have hired them to do. After having done business with another premier HVAC contractor in Atlanta for over 20 years, my doctor referred me to Mead to remedy a likely mold problem in my home, which turned out to be the case


Bill was careful and thorough in his investigation of the problem, and Mead solved it. I continued to use Mead to service my HVAC systems for the next 7 years. Not only did my health make a 180 degree turn around due to Mead’s extensive work, their maintenance kept the air quality in my house at optimum levels. The work done by Mead was a big selling point for my house in 2014 when I retired and moved out of state. I absolutely received top dollar for the house in large part because of Mead’s work. The buyer told me that his own allergies and sinus problems required him to have a house with optimum air quality, and I know he now is using Mead to service the equipment. Mead’s work may seem expensive, but my experience is that you pay for what you get. I never questioned the value of Mead’s work, and I am certain that I received the best that could be had in Atlanta. In addition to great remediation work, I found Mead to be tops in service and concern for the customer. I regretted greatly having to leave Mead upon my move out of state. I consider Bill Meadows and members of his staff to be my friends for life–they are such great people!

Reba Demers –  Thank You Letter

I just wanted to thank you so much for the professional job Mead Indoor did at our house. The quality and thoroughness in doing the job properly and completely, taking in all aspects of air quality into consideration, have been a huge benefit in protecting my health. Even though the initial cost was expensive, still today we have great air quality.


The first time we had the work done, we chose a far less expensive company because of our budget. However, in less than one year we were worse off than before. Thousands of dollars down the drain and they did nothing to remedy the situation.

Now after 8 years, we still have had NO problem with any of the work Mead Indoor did and any issue that has arisen was quickly and efficiently remedied. Mold issues must be dealt with expediently and Mead Indoor responds appropriately.

After years of dealing with health issues, it is a load off us to not have to worry about air quality anymore. Even maintenance is promptly and regularly done which gives additional peace of mind. I can now focus on just getting better. I highly recommend Mead Indoor to anyone who has mold related health issues. They are top notch and professional.

Even though, you and I have not always seen eye to eye, I know that I can trust that your desire is to provide a mold free environment for me and that the job will be done correctly. I am more than willing to speak with anyone that is considering using Mead Indoor and answer any questions they might have. Thank you and God bless you for educating yourself so well in this field.

Reba Demers

Steve W – Alpharetta, GA.

We moved into a brand new house. About 12 months into living in the house, my wife came down with a very serious sinus condition. 18 months several doctors until we happened along to a doctor that nailed the issue. He said we had a mold problem in our house. Yes brand spanking new home. She had such a bad sinus problem it required surgery to drain the issues next to the brain.


Our doctor recommended two firms. We met with both but I decided to go a lower cost route and started the cleanup with one of my standard work crews……but my wife was not getting any better. The doctor kept recommending Bill and the boys at Mead. We brought them in and went through the inspections and understood the potential problem areas. Darrell (sp?) and crew came in and did a fantastic job.   Ripped out everything HVAC, insulation and added all the new equipment needed.

Yes, they are on the pricey prepared. That being said, my wife went from being in bed for 18 months……. to no problems and healthy again. The return on investment was happy wife…. happy life, which is pretty precious.

We use the annual service and it’s paid off. I find out about problems ahead of time and they have covered them in warranty.

Take a look at my other reviews. I’m certainly not a family member, friend of the family just recommending a great business for those in the need of quality HVAC work. Very good to work with the team and have zero complaints (other than I’m cheap)

Lynn H – Kudzu Review

Saved my husband’s health

Bill Meadows, the owner of Mead, was referred to us by my husband’s doctor. Our house was full of mold, moisture, allergens, etc… The renovations were significant to provide a allergen free environment. They took out all of our duct work, insulation, and heating/air systems. We needed structural work, new grading for the landscape, new supports under the house.


It was a massive job. Mead could not have been more professional, kind, or thorough. They were always on time, neat, clean and efficient. Their work basically saved my husband’s health. I would HIGHLY recommend them.

Connie – Thank You Letter

As you know I had the misfortune of dealing with two different remediation companies in Florida who both promised me that they understood the precautions needed for someone dealing with mold illness. Needless to say, they did not and those that experience left me very distrustful. Because of this, I constantly questioned and doubted you and your protocol. But, you did exactly what you promised to give me a safe place to heal and get well.


And through it all, you have been extraordinarily patient and gracious with me. Now I realize that comparing Mead to these other companies was not even apples to oranges , it was apple to turkeys ( you guys are the apples)! 🙂

Everyone that came to the house was also incredibly kind and helpful. They may not have fully understood why I couldn’t go in the house, but no one ever treated me as if I was crazy.   Every single person treated me with nothing but respect and kindness, which was a welcome change from past.

I have tears of joy and gratitude on my cheeks as I write this, and I hope I have conveyed how deeply grateful we are for y’all.   I’m working on my southernisms.   I think I use that right. 🙂 What you all do is much bigger than fixing houses, to give people their health and their lives back!! Thank you!!



PS: Carol and Carl are just as deeply grateful, but I hope that I summed it up perfectly!

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